Doom & Gloom Scare Tactics or Reality

Doom and Gloom Scare Tactics or Reality. Are video topics about the impending financial crisis out there just a doom and gloom prophecy or are they an assessment of the reality we are about to face.

One of the reasons why I created this channel was to help people come to the realization that a tremendous financial crisis is on the horizon and the time to realize it and act to protect yourself from it…. is now. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself. How much Debt do you currently have? Are you currently unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits to pay your primary living expenses? Is your profession in a field that will continue to be impacted by the health epidemic? Are you depending on government stimulus checks to pay your primary living expenses, rent, food ect?

How much of your standard of living is currently dependent upon the government? What kind of a situation would you be in if any government benefits you or any of your family members now receive stops completely? Have you had to defer any of your rent or mortgage payments so far? Do you have other family members with debt or mortgages that they may default on? What about other family members? Who will they go to when they default on their rent or mortgage? Is this just a hypothetical doom and gloom scenario? Ask your self…… Should we be deeply concerned about the probability that the US will default on its debt to the world?

Should we be discussing and showing interest about a national and possibly global monetary system which is about to fail, be reset or replaced all together? Should we be distressed about the idea of losing our pensions and investments in a stock market that is so artificially inflated and about to completely collapse? Should we be completely terrified that the US dollar has already lost 96% of its spending power since 1913 and once abandoned by the world, will not be worth the cotton fabric it’s printed on. As millions of Americans are unemployed and become homeless, does this pose a legitimate reason for concern?

Whether the US economy dives into a deep depression or spikes into hyper inflation, the result will be a stock market crash and the complete devaluation of the US dollar. And for those who might say that will never happen…… There is already talk of a new Brettonwoods type conference to re-establish a new world monetary system. After the original Brettonwoods agreement where the world agreed to base the worlds monetary system on a gold backed US dollar, the US dollar and its completely failed monetary policies will no longer be trusted to continue to carry on that role.

I sincerely hope the situation never gets to an extreme point. I am ever hopeful that the world will come together and transition smoothly into a new world economy as it has done many times in the past. A new monetary system will be developed and adopted, local and global commerce will once again flourish, nations and governments will govern as they are meant to do and prosperity and peace will reign supreme. But if that doesn’t happen, or at least doesn’t happen right away, I certainly want to be as prepared as I possibly can to endure any potential hardships that may affect me, my family and loved ones. The purpose of this video is to provide illumination about the facts that are before us and their consequential interpretation. It’s up to you to decide how you feel about them and what actions you feel are necessary to take to protect your wealth, family and loved ones.

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