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Chiwoo Cheonwang 1/10 oz Gold Medallion 2017

South Korea continues to make their mark on the precious metal bullion world stage.  Following the success of the one-ounce Chiwoo Silver Medallion series which began in 2016 and the […]

6 Questions Every Silver Stacker Should Ask Themselves

I stack silver as a hedge against inflation and to prepare for the impending collapse of the world fiat currency systems.  It is my objective to be able to retain […]

Why I Stack Silver

To explain why I stack silver will require a look into the current global economy.  I have been a coin collector for as long I could remember and have amassed […]

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Queen’s Beast Dragon Memorial Weekend Sale 25% off

       25% OFF!!                 This Sale is for Memorial Day weekend only (thru Monday)!  Best price I’ve seen on the Dragons!

Silver Stacking Website Tutorial

This is a tutorial for the ST66 website which offers silver stacking videos, bullion blog posts, bullion picture galleries, music room and silver for sale! Check it out!     […]

New first in a series: The 2017 Great Britain Big Ben Silver Coin    2017-great-britain-1-oz-silver-landmarks-of-britain-big-ben 1 oz Silver Landmarks of Britain – The debut of a new series from The Royal Mint! This limited mintage series, Landmarks of Britain, will feature four coins […]

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Holding History I’m a bit late to the party this time, but just wanted to say well done and I really enjoyed the info! Almost expected Sir Richard Attenborough to start narrating the nature clips. Excellent work, looking forward to the next one.

Holding History


Silver Bear  

Your videos are among the few that I actually set to full screen and kick back and watch with popcorn. Great presentation. (just kidding about the popcorn, but it’s not a bad idea)

Silver Bear

Kilroy WasHere  

Well done, interesting and educational. A+ Keep up the great work.

Kilroy WasHere

A Friend  

Silver Torch66, What a wonderful production ! Event filled, action packed and information loaded ! A Rooo’s Dream. Thank you so much for sharing, with this community, your talented efforts and obvious hard work in the delivery of this superlative video ! :-))

A Friend

Coin Couch  

This was AMAZING! What a great experience for the Roo (and us), I learned sooooo much! You have out done yourself with this video – editing and narrating skills = Awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed this, the history, the culture, the food and drink… The talent show at the end was the icing on the cake! Was that your daughter at the end? Very beautiful and VERY talented, how do I get a copy of that song? Thank you for having to Roo and showing him (and us) such a great time 🙂 cc.

Coin Couch


Gee, you do wonderful videos! I thoroughly enjoyed this and watched every minute of it. And then you ended with that lovely girl singing one of my favorite songs. Thanks so much, LL



What an amazing vid. If there was a best picture award this would​win! I truly enjoy both your channels. 😎

silver bean counter
Silver Bean Counter

You have by far, had the best informational video on this coin! I’ve found it incredibly difficult to find good information on this coin! Do you know if the 2oz size was offered each year or was that a special thing one year only? As if getting solid information wasn’t hard enough, im having an even more difficult time trying to find each year graded (PCGS)! I have 2011 (one oz) and 2015 (two oz) but can’t find the years in between! I’m ultimately trying to build a complete set of this beautiful and my personal favorite coin! Any information or help I’d be forever grateful! Thank you again for a suburb video!!

Shawn Burridge

Shawn Burridge
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