Silver Stacker’s and Wealth Retention

As a silver stacker and a true believer in having physical possession of precious metals, I am starting to see a friction growing in our community about the topic of alternate forms of wealth retention.  So, I would like to take a couple of minutes to broach this subject and provide my perspective.

I believe that during the impending global financial collapse, it will be absolutely essential to retain your wealth outside of the current fiat systems.  If you don’t find a way to do this you will probably loose just about everything you have.  The question is where to I put my wealth and in what form do I convert my wealth so that it will be safe from this global financial disaster that is about to happen.

In order for me to answer this decision, I needed to do a little research…. and here is what I discovered.

There have been many concepts of wealth and accepted forms of money throughout history.  Everything from

Amber, beads, cowries, drums, eggs, feathers, gongs, ivory, jade, kettles, leather, mats, nails, oxen, pigs, quartz, rice, salt, thimbles, vodka, wampum, yarns, and zappozats (decorated axes). whale’s teeth, manilas, spices, cattle, sheep goats camels and other types of livestock, and even Bat Guano just to name a few.

So, the form that money or wealth can take are clearly not the same for everybody.

Which makes it is almost impossible to define money in terms of its physical form

Basically, money can be considered to be anything that is widely accepted for making payments and accounting for debts and credits.

Therefore, any definition of money must be based on its functions.  Functions such as:

Can it be used as a

Unit of account (abstract)

Is it an accepted as an item of worth

Common measure of value (abstract)

Is it used as a medium of exchange

Medium of exchange (concrete)

Used as a means of payment for goods and services

Means of payment (concrete)


It works as a form of IOU for transaction to be paid in full at a later date

Standard for deferred payments (abstract)

Is it a means wealth retention

Store of value (concrete)


These roles are currently being fulfilled by the worlds global fiat system today.  But this monetary system is failing fast, it is about to collapse.  In order to avoid your own financial demise, you will need to transfer your wealth out of this failing monetary system into something that will retain its value until another stable monetary system is established and a solid form of commerce for the exchange of goods and services can be created.

If you think about it, specifically what we use for the exchange of goods and services is not necessarily relevant to the monetary system.  History is evidence of this fact.  It all boils down to what is readily accepted as a measure of value.  Weather it is a fiat paper note, metal coin, a shiny bead, or a pretty shell.  If they are perceived to have value then they do have value.  Perception is reality to those who perceive it.  If a society values something as a currency, it really doesn’t matter if you value it or not because the fact is that it is accepted as something of value.  And that is a reality that cannot be denied.

A quick analogy:  If you get stranded on an island in the middle of the pacific and the indigenous people use seashells as a form of exchange, that 1-ounce gold coin you happen to have in your pocket will hold absolutely no value to them whatsoever, so you better head down to the beach and start looking for shiny shells if you want to survive in their society.

It is a well-established fact that adaptation is the key to survival.  Those who refuse to adapt are quickly left behind.  Now…. Please don’t confuse adaptation with jumping on board the first fad that comes along, that is not adaptation but just foolishness.   Making smart, sound well informed decisions is what I’m talking about.


As a silver stacker, I believe that my decision to accumulate physical precious metals is a very smart, sound well informed decision and I don’t think anyone can shake my resolve about it.  But is it the only substitute for retaining wealth during a global monetary meltdown?  Could there be other alternatives that could also serve to retain your wealth or even increase your wealth.

We are about to be faced with a complete global monetary rest that is most likely going to occur in our lifetime.  Some have referred to it as the greatest transfer of wealth in human history.

It seems reasonable to me to not only protect my wealth the best way I can but it would seem foolish not to try to use this unique historical time to position myself to profit as much as I can.  Why let a potential opportunity just pass me by?  After all we are talking about survival here.  These are not decisions made on a holiday vacation, but potentially life and death decisions if the worst-case scenario happens.  I refuse to be a sheep in the heard being led by the shepherd and I firmly believe that anyone who is and understands the concept of silver stacking is also a survivor by nature and will do whatever they think is required to survive even in the most austere circumstances. This is what makes us unique and has allowed us to be able to unveil the curtain to be illuminated about our world and aware of how factions are controlling the masses in order to create this global debt slave society.

I believe it to be prudent to explore all options and opportunities that are available to me which might allow me to survive or even possibly thrive during this very tense economic time.